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Goats on Line.


Welcome to this Goats Forum from

These pages are for advertising mainly quality Goats. Whether you are a member of the British Goat Society, and/or a Goat Breed Group, this web site may be for you.

We will advertise free, quality goats for both the professional or the amateur keeper. Buying, Selling, or Available for Stud. Photographs are welcome, (one per advert); send them under separate e-mail. (  Goat Equipment/Items for sale advertisments are also welcome with a separate e-mail.

Just go to the required advert form tab and fill in ALL the details accurately, especially for pedigree goats, and submit it. Our grateful thanks go to the sponsors for their continued support. (Sponsorship)

Please read the Legal Stuff, ( new DEFRA Goat Keeping rules as of April 2014) to clarify your legal obligations and information before buying or selling your Goats. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the website advertisments.
Both Eartag and Registered number are needed if the goat is a properly registered goat. (see Help). We moderate advertisments and periodically check with the herd books and will inform those we refuse.

 Free range Goats, Pigs, Chickens, for meat, milk, and eggs .........National Animal Carrier.

Latest Advert: 23 / 04 / 2014....for:. AN Goats for Sale.........AOV Goats for Sale................

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